YOUR BUSINESS + FIRSTCARD ATM means More Money in Your Pocket!
A properly promoted ATM cash machine in your business drives bottom line profits by getting more customers in, getting them to spend more on each visit and getting them to come back more often.

YOU EARN PROFIT and SAVE BIG ON CREDIT CARD FEES every time a customer uses the ATM!
You own the ATM and you keep ALL THE PROFIT$!
FIRSTCARD ATM provides the opportunity for businesses to own and operate ATM cash machines. The company can either purchase the ATM outright or choose a flexible lease-to-own program. You stock cash in the ATM, then when the customer withdraws cash that amount is electronically removed from their bank account then electronically transferred to your bank account. Your keep all the profits from transaction revenue generated from the ATM.

Top of the line service and support
FIRSTCARD ATM takes care of all installation, programming and ATM network/banking setup. Our certified technicians will visit your location, bolt the ATM down, place all applicable signage and train your staff on cash loading/operation of the ATM. With our proprietary Remote Management Software (RMS) and the ATM onboard computer you can rest easy knowing your ATM will stay up and running. If anything ever goes wrong, your ATM will automatically dial into our tech center within 3 minutes! (requires a dedicated ATM phone line) An alarm goes off and our technicians can dial back into your ATM to perform remote diagnostics and trouble-shooting. In most cases your ATM will be back up and running without you even knowing there was a problem. If customers or your staff need help, they can talk to a person 24 hours a day.

The very best ATM, warranty and transaction processing
Our ATMs are manufactured by NAUTILUS-Hyosung; the leader in the retail ATM industry with nearly 80,000 ATMs operating in North America. FIRSTCARD ATM has been a Master Distributor (1 of 13 in North America) and maintained ASP certification (the highest level) since 1999. The NH/FIRSTCARD ATM no hassle warranty program is the best in the industry! Our transaction processing network, RBS Lynk is among the largest transaction processors in the world. Accuracy, exactness, promptness and network connectivity is your key to a successful ATM program. All transaction income is electronically transferred into your bank account on the 5th business day of the month (for the previous month’s transactions).

The FIRSTCARD ATM Difference
FIRSTCARD ATM has placed nearly 1,500 ATMs in the US and works mainly with large nationally branded groups and associations that demand the highest level of quality, support, service and professionalism. Burger King, Carl’s Jr., McDonald’s, Unocal, Tesoro and many other well known corporations have chosen FIRSTCARD ATM after careful examination, proven reliability and dependability. Now you get the same service as the biggest guys!

Straight to the top!
Call Tom Busi, President/CEO @ 209/609-4800 or Larry Critchfield, Executive VP @ 888/550-4ATM for more information about how to get “More Money in Your Pocket”.
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